Seagull's Landing
Check-In:     3:00 pm
Check-Out:      Noon


1.      Remove all perishable items from refrigerator upon leaving.

2.      Remove trash from all receptacles in house and place in large garbage container by the driveway making sure that trash bags are securely closed.

3.      Make sure dishwasher is loaded and ran before leaving.

4.      Do not place suitcases on top of bedspreads or comforters, use luggage tables in each room.

5.      Place all wet/damp linens in bathtub before leaving. Leave all other dirty linens in laundry room. Please do not remove the mattress protectors from the beds.

6.      Do not place any food down sink drain – there is no disposal.

7.      Return all fishing equipment and beach toys to the storage room downstairs prior to leaving the premises.

8.      Make sure all air conditioners, ceiling fans and heaters are turned off and all windows closed and locked.

9.      Pick up any trash/debris left downstairs or in the yard.

10.10.    Do not remove towels and linens from the home; bring beach towels if you plan on visiting the beach during your stay.

11. 11.     You will need to purchase a beach parking pass if you want to park on the beach. They are $10 and can be purchased at any convenience store. Keep it on your windshield and use it for future visits to Seagull’s Landing (it is good for one year).

12.12.    The home has a septic system; take care not to overload the system.

13.13.    Make sure all lights are turned off before closing up house.

14.14.   Make sure laundry room door is closed securely, but not locked.

15.15.   No smoking in house.

17.16.   No pets.

18.17.   No loud music/noise/parties after 11 pm – this is a friendly neighborhood and we want to continue to be good neighbors.

E    Extra housekeeping available at extra expense, call us at 713-249-8948 or 281-383-2522

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